The Thought Process of Introverts…At Least This One

The other day my mother saved me an article she found in the Detroit Free Press.  In the Sunday, July 14, 2013 edition, Debra Auerback wrote an article entitled, Careers where introverts can thrive: Matching a job to your personality can make for a long, happy career.  Among the career choices was one that’s right up my alley: writer/author.

I find myself being more and more introverted now that I have entered my early 30s.  I think the reason for this isn’t so much that I don’t like interacting with people or that I’m super quiet (although I’ve been told I can be the exact opposite). I think it’s more of the fact that I’m a free thinker and I like to work things out for myself.  I can be a team player and do my part to make sure a whole succeeds, but when left to my own devices, I usually come up with better prepared work and results.

This is one reason why I completely agree with Auerback that writer/author is a great career choice for an introvert.  As a writer, I become power hungry over what I do and I have to have complete control over it. I see it as my own little way of playing God.  My pages were a safe haven as a child and it was like a war zone to have my pieces critiqued (and from time to time torn to shreds) during my college writing classes.  Now that I’m in the final stages of self publishing for the first time, I’ve become more of a stickler than ever to make sure that everything in my final script is perfect.  It practically made my skin crawl when I met with my friend Ray, who had agreed to do a read through and publish of my second draft.

According to Ray, the novel is solid and comes full circle…except for one scene.  I tried to describe two characters going out and hunting deer.  But Ray, who comes from a family of hunters, quickly pointed out, “Yeah, that chapter?  That would never happen.”  So hello rewrite for this lady!

But the good news in all of this is even though I know it has to be corrected, the only person I have to answer to  is myself!  Wonderful, isn’t it?  My power as writer and head of project is still intact and I can still make it everything I want it to be, with a few minor adjustments.  Better now than one day at a possible signing when an actual hunter approaches me and says I didn’t do my research, right? With that, I escape back into that special world and storyboard in my head and get back to work, leaving this introvert in complete (albeit busy) peace.