The Semester’s End

It seems like whenever I think to myself I’m going to get ahead with a busy semester, what I say comes back around to bite me in the butt! The last update I did on this particular journal was on databases, and now I’m editing it because it will most likely be used as an article for one of the local filler newspapers in the Wayne area.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m officially a librarian now! I was hired by the Wayne Public Library on Halloween! So how awesome is that?

Not me, but you get the picture.

Not me, but you get the picture.

But since the end of the semester, I have been absolutely dragging. It’s been two weeks and I fell like all I am capable of is getting out of bed in the morning, maybe running two errands, having lunch, then sacking out on the couch for the rest of the day. Between the state of the house and my sleep schedule, I’ve been absolutely useless.

But there have been a couple of good highlights! Besides my job, I finished the semester with a strong cumulative GPA of 3.63, I’ve been doing a bit of free writing on a new novel idea, oh guess what? Peter and I were matched with a beautiful girl for adoption! I won’t go into too many details at the moment, but I can say she’s ten years old, a sweetheart, and we are absolutely excited to add her to our family this holiday season.

So for one of my classes this semester, I did have to keep a journal of various topics during our study. I created a separate WordPress for it (at the professor’s direction), but if you have any interest in finding out what I’ve been up to and studying for the last few months, feel free to check it out at Adrianne Goes to Library School! Some of it is a little technical and just me talking library jargon, but it might be something that interests you if you’ve ever wanted to become a teacher of information literacy.

God bless us everyone!

God bless us everyone!

With that, I will close in saying that I wish you all the best this holiday season and into 2015. This next year is going to mean graduation, first time motherhood, and self-publication for me! I’m going to give it my all!


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