Vote for Libraries!

uncle-sam-i-want-you-to-voteToday is Election Day. While it may not be as big of an election as it will be a year from now, there are still a number of ballots that need to be cast. Today I am not writing to persuade you to be Republican or Democratic, or any form of Independent that you see fit. Today I want to remind you that there are millages up for vote.

As a librarian, a lot of what I do could depend on the result of a millage. Here’s the thing. If a library millage passes, it doesn’t mean that the library just gets more books. While we could add more volumes to our collection, it could be so much more than that.

A passed library millage could mean…

  • Extended and more library hours
  • The hiring of more staff and raises to underpaid staff
  • More programs for patrons of all ages, kids, teens, and adults
  • Better equipment to serve you, including computers, copiers, and computer programs
  • And yes, more books, DVDs, et cetera for our collections!

This morning I was voter number 82 at about 11:00am. That’s it. Now while my city doesn’t have a library millage on the ballot this time around (it was actually school and public safety funding), it’s time to hold up your responsibility as a United States citizen and get out there and let your city of residence know what you want for it.

And yes. You did read that correctly. Responsibility! As citizens of the United States of America, we have freedom for each and every individual which includes the right to vote. However, with that right comes the responsibility to do so each and every time. So today I kindly as you get out there and exercise your responsibility to vote in the land you love.

Vote every time and vote libraries!


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