Lore is Coming!

Cover preview

The front cover of Lore: the Legend of River.

It is my pleasure to announce that on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, I will be releasing my first novel, Lore: the Legend of River, to the public via Amazon, Amazon Europe, and the Create Space eStore! Once I have the links available, I will provide them here.

So is anyone excited besides me? I’m ready to share my literary baby with the world!

To celebrate, I’m going to share some special blog posts with you leading up to the release. These posts have to do with the history of writing the novel, themes throughout the writing, and how it was inspired. I have five total, so I will post one each day starting tomorrow!

I do not know what the price per book will be yet, but as soon as it is set I will let you know. My hope is to purchase some for a giveaway on here and on Good Reads. I wish I could give copies away for free to everyone, but you have to start from scratch somewhere. I hope you all forgive me.

I am excited to embark on this new path in life as it has taken me so long to get there. Above all, I hope you enjoy the novel!


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