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Rest in Peace Alan Rickman

Alan RickmanWhen I came into work at the library today, Sean had set up a memorial to David Bowie and Alan Rickman…

I will be perfectly frank. I like Bowie, but he never influenced me the way Rickman did. Alan Rickman was a sub-theme of my WMU years. I think the same could be said for my friends Megan and Jessica as well. His performances and work really inspired me with my writing. I have played with a piece called The Moonlight Noon Chateau for years and years. Rickman was my inspiration for the character of Millar. To me in my mind and memory, he will always be Millar. I told myself if Lore became a movie, I wanted him to do the voice of Remicade because it is described as being so distinct. It saddens me that I will never be able to hand him those pieces one day and say, “I wrote this for you.”

When I read that he had passed away yesterday, I screamed. I’m pretty sure I scared Peter and made him think that the cat was dead. I was so shocked and brokenhearted. I said my prayers as I fell asleep last night and wiped tears from my eyes.

read alan rickmanToday I am sad and a bit regretful. I’m glad I’m reading and writing again. I’m glad I’m getting back to work and using my talents and gifts. I will always love being Adrianne the Librarian, but it is honestly a professional means for me. I will always be, first and foremost, a writer. I feel relief knowing that I haven’t died and that Lore: the Legend of River has been released to the public. At least I know that if I do meet my end before it’s expected, my opus is out there for everyone to see.

So upon seeing this memorial at work this morning, I added to it. I added both of Rickman and Bowie’s READ posters, my favorite Rickman quote, and Bowie’s list of his 100 favorite books. It helped. I contributed to something to show how much the man meant to me and it helped me realize that his inspiration will always be with me. Bowie’s inspiration will always be with those who loved him. I hope both men rest in peace because they meant so much to so many and made many people who they are today. And until it is my turn, I shall continue to write.