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Lore: the Legend of River

  • GENRE: novel, science fiction/fantasy, young adult
  • ISBN: 978-1523289448
  • DATE PUBLISHED: January 12, 2016
  • PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Cattaran never understood the appeal of the Xivan rituals. In fact, he was sure the priests in the temples were killing members of his village. But after finding a mysterious book in the forest, proclaiming the name of a goddess called River, Cattaran and his family begin to wonder if maybe, just maybe, there is something else in a world of single-minded thought and clandestine mystery.
Thrown into exile, Cattaran travels until his feet can no longer carry him, only to come face to face with River herself. With her commune aiding her in their kingdom knows as the Lougette, Cattaran learns the true story of how the world was created, what goes are loyal to their word, and whom are known in the heavens as traitors.
Standing against the very god who created him, Cattaran must battle the dark god, LaXiva, and truly decide what beats in his chest: the heart of a human or the heart of a god…



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